As the Dollar Turns

The Power of Buying from Locally Owned Businesses


Why Shop Local? Is this the answer to American prosperity? How can shopping from locally owned businesses effect the national economy? Millions are waking up to the fact that the good ole USA is on the decline. Economic prosperity is reaching a new low. Poverty levels have been raising for decades. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The middle class is on the decline. Is there anything that can As the Dollar Turns Coverreverse this tragic trend? Can the new Shop Local movement make a difference?

As the Dollar Turns answers the question, Why Shop Local. Find out more by downloading your copy today.

As the Dollar Turns is an eBook on the study of the impact of buying from small locally owned businesses. The focus is on the same dollar being spent and re-spent before it leaves the community. This can add thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic activity. The eBook explains how national chains and Big Box retailers are increasing the poverty levels of our communities. The Shop Local movement is sweeping all across out great nation. This new movement has the potential of reversing our economic decline. Click here for a link to the E-Book –

As the Dollar Turns.